Sunday, 30 October 2011

New gadgets!

Been playing with a fair few new gadgets recently.

I got a great deal on some stereo Bluetooth Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 (£35 eBay, new!!) headphones which are simply awesome! You need to be able to live with a relatively short battery life of 4 hours in use but for their size I think they are really impressive. The range and quality is top notch! 

I was a little concerned as the volume needs to be controlled by the device they are connected to but this didn't seem to be a problem on my HTC HD7, Motorola Xoom and even my Iphone 4 S. I had heard these used to have issues pre IOS4 on older Iphones. 

Next up, the girlfriend and me ended up randomly purchasing DJ Hero 2 in town at the weekend as it was like £18 a set. The below is what happened when we got home: 

Apart from the heavy bout of RSI I developed it was a good laugh! I actually find it a lot harder than guitar hero as there are soo many different things to do and being mixes, a lot of the songs are new to me so it's harder to anticipate what's going to happen next with the songs.