Saturday, 12 May 2012

ROUND 1 : ADSL Nation XTE-2005 Vs BT I Plate

Sync speeds on the Sky Sagem phase 3 router before the I Plate:

Sync speed with the I Plate installed:

Line stats:
Take note for the noise margins (SNR margin's) and the Downstream line attenuation. 

Picture of the I Plate installed with a microfilter attached to the faceplate and a Sky TV splitter on the phone side of the microfilter.  

So there we have it, a very slight increase on what was already a good ADSL2+ line to start with.I was advised that the DLM had increased the impulse noise protection (to 2 symbols) and delay to 16ms as there was small amounts of errors passing on the line during certain times of the day. High sync speeds are great but not if the data passing on the line is unreadable by your router.

As the I Plate has a RF3 filter in I am retesting to see how this effects the line over 4-10 days. I've noticed with Sky that my SNR margins are always kept relatively low which would suggest pushing the line for a high sync speed.

It would be nice to get the line down to 8ms on the delay (interleaving!) and INP down to 1 symbol but only if the line behaves. This would make the line even better for gaming, which is already pretty amazing on this connection compared to my old Talk Talk Business (formerly Freedom2Surf) line which I had a lot of love for. That was a long line with an attenuation of around 47dB so you needed the INP / interleaving on that line more so.

You hear a lot of gamers saying that fastpath is the best approach but it almost never is these days. For gaming, if you lose any data passing on the line, the game either has to guess what is happening or re-request the data from the server which is another round trip instead of a shorter 'save' time made by the INP / delay.