Friday, 23 December 2011

A great deal at Logitech

I just wanted to inform everyone of a great deal at

Firstly I am not affiliated with them what so ever, I was simply in search of a new mouse as my MX revolution was on it's last legs (and by legs I mean the battery charging contacts). 

Firstly as soon as I got to the website I noticed they had a trade in recycling scheme (UK link) which when used gave you a purchasing discount of 20%! I signed straight up for this and went and put a reasonable priced mouse in my shopping basket.. 

Here is where it got really good, an e-chat window popped up and offered 5% discount before I put in my 20% off voucher and it also looks like Logitech are giving away free gifts as I had a M305 wireless mouse in my basket at no additional cost....

This got me thinking... 25% is a BIG discount and also with a free gift... it might be worth spending a bit more...Yes, I know I'm a bit of a sucker and they are probably about to release a new range but it does make sense for some good quality products and are going to be heavily used. 

So I ended up with the Logitech G Series Bundle G510 & G930 & G700 + a extra mouse for under £200. I think that's pretty awesome. I checked today and the free gift in my basket was some simple headphones but I think it changes daily. 

If my trusty old Creative Inspire GD580's weren't still doing the job I'd be digging out an old Logitech mouse to trade in for a discount on the Z906 speakers!

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