Saturday, 17 December 2011

A productive geeky day..

Ah finally a productive personal day.

Things have been really mounting up as of late!

Wrapped some Christmas presents, bought some more, replaced a hub with a switch in my network (hey it stilled worked OK!). On an interesting note, it was nice to see that the Xbox network cable is actually STP. Probably a good thing as well with all the power cables everywhere. I really need to do some cable management under my desk and bed (not they aren't the same).

I've also started pointing here as my old rubbish homepage didn't really need to be in the public domain and also I'm in the process of moving the domain from Talk Talk business which required a IPS tags change.

Interestingly enough my ADSL line has also been rock solid recently with a uptime of 23days! I was sadly quite impressed with that for the quality and distance of the line.

My next mini project I managed to get started on (again) is to overhaul my dad's website (Work in progress can be found at: from it's current incarnation found at: