Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Microsoft (not so) security essentials

Today I started being re-directed to random sites when using Google search. Immediately this started ringing alarm bells... I'm on a new Windows 7 install and previously was using Avast (paid for). As I hadn't got the license file off of my Dad and was being a bit lazy I just installed Microsoft security essentials which I had not had an issue with before.

I was running fine for about a week until these Google issues today.... I eventually found a strange program sitting in the startup section of msconfig. I tried to open MS security essentials but it kept closing immediately. I removed the AV and installed the free version of Avast. This picked up the virus straight away and dealt with it so I'm already impressed. Then started a boot time scan just to double check everything was sorted and it was.

Once back up I put back on the paid license and all was good.