Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rooted and put ICS on my UK Xoom

I got fed up of waiting for Motorola. I hate it when companies with a global presence neglect their other markets. I've been waiting patiently for ages for ICS on my UK Xoom but the time had come.

I hadn't messed about with any ROM's since my HTC HD2 which I loved immensely due to its versatility. You could almost put any OS on it!.

Head on over to and you can find all the detail you need to get started. I went for the team EOS ROM which has nightly builds. I started only ROM 59 and so far it's worked like a dream. It's so much smoother than Honey Comb (The 3.x.x Android OS) and with the rooted Xoom you can under-clock (to save battery) or over-clock as you please. The performance had made some games actually playable now such as Asphalt 6 HD which was unbearably with any background programs running..